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This searchable site contains teaching resources, some lesson plans, learning resources and personal information. It is broken into three main areas, Teacher pages for the lesson plans and teaching resources, Student pages for learning resources and personal  pages about my cats, climbing in Derbyshire and walking. There are links to some teaching resources and lesson plans sites that I have found interesting and informative or useful in other ways. My specialisms are chemistry and geology although you will find some physics and and environmental stuff in this site.

If you are intending to purchase any books or music, please consider buying them online via since the comission that I receive will help me pay for the maintenance of this site. Thanks.


These contain teaching resources and lesson plans that I have produced or modified for use in lessons for key stages 3, 4 and Post 16. There are some complete activities and some worksheets that could be used as a base for lessons.

These contain learning resources aimed at KS3, KS4 and KS5 users in order to help with homework, projects or simply because you are interested in science.

On these pages you will find information based on my main interests so if you are interested in climbing, walking, or astronomy then you may find something of interest here.
I have attempted to make the personal pages  as general as possible so that they are not too introverted and uninteresting to those billions of people who have never heard of me!

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